Wednesday, December 10, 2008

page 18

Navidson is arguably the most important character in the book HoL. He is the protagonist and the only character in many parts of the book/film. Being a photojournalist, he always works alone and in dangerous situations, leaving his family behind at the drop of a hat. This leaves his wife Karen with tremendous responsibility. She must take care of the family in his absence and is left with the bitter thought that he may never return. Navidson does not seem the least bit remorseful about using Karen in this way (asserting his independence as a man and using the woman to take care of his needs). Also, it is worth noting that Navidson never actually uses Karen in any of his shots. The only shots she really appears in are the ones caught by the stationary Hi8s distributed throughout the house. These are the very same tapes that she toils over after her husband leaves her once again for the house. She spends hours editing them and for what? Nobody appreciates them anyways. They say that her ability as a film-editor is mediocre and lacking. Critics even accuse her of making careless mistakes on several of the clips she creates. For example, Kevin Stanley, who couldn't hide his chauvinism, “chalked up [the time discrepancies in the tapes] to Karen Green's own ineptitude (HoL 354).” It is also worth noting that Karen focuses on the feminine aspect of Navidson wile making her clip (all of the 'good times' and 'precious moments' and not his achievements nor anything to do with the house).
If you would like to hear the Female argument, go to page 20
If you would like to hear about Zampano, go to page 17
If you would like to hear about Johnny, go to 15

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